Jenny Smedley

Jenny Smedley is an award-winning angel expert, lyricist and author of 25 best-selling books. She's appeared on over 400 radio and TV shows, talking about subjects such as past lives, reincarnation, pet souls, soul mates and angels. Jenny's books on these subjects have helped 1000s of people worldwide, and have been translated into over 20 languages. Click here to see them all.


Angels have been a huge part of Jenny's life, ever since a life-changing angel visitation. She feels very lucky to have been put onto her life path by this angel, and has been given gifts (such as the ability to create unique, personal angel portraits), in order to help her achieve her role in this life.


From the age of two, Jenny's had the ability to empathise and communicate with animals. She's always been able to connect with trees, and has participated in successful experiments in tree communication.


Her own current life was turned around by a vision from her one of her past lives, involving the American singer, Garth Brooks. (Click here to see more about this). Jenny has written and narrated a past life meditation CD that you can try at home, especially designed to give you past life help. You can find details under BOOKS


Jenny writes regular columns in Chat, it's fate and Soul & Spirit Magazine.


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World Renowned for her ability to use angels to help people

Daily Mail


Unique rapport with the natural world."

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A global phenomenon

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