Jenny tells her story


My story began in 1995. I was suffering from inconsolable and inexplicable depression, but my life changed in a second, all because one night I felt compelled to switch on the TV, and I obeyed the instinct. I now understand that this was a message from my Past Life Angel ©. For I recognised someone on TV that night - someone I thought I had never seen before - and yet in a few seconds I became sure that I knew him, down to every last facet of his character, although his current name did not seem to fit my memories. I recognised him from a past life. My depression was lifted instantly. It was the most wonderful release. The man I saw was Garth Brooks.


Months later under hypnotic regression, I remembered vividly living in the 17th century, in Hampshire, England as Madeleine Fitzgerald, married to Ryan Fitzgerald. Ryan and Madeleine were tragically and prematurely torn apart, and Madeleine never knew what had become of him. If I had recognised Garth as a reincarnated Ryan, then this explained the depression - which was actually a very old grief over his loss. It also explained the lifting of that depression, because my subconscious had recognised him instantly and knew he had been restored to life. It was spellbinding. Having been a Catholic all my life, I had not considered the idea of having had past lives, but I was immediately certain it was true.


I told my story to one of Garth's closest friends about my belief that Garth had once been Ryan, and she told me, 'This is true. It must be. Ryan IS Garth. You've never met Garth, and yet you know him better than many people who have known him for years.'


Within 2 months of the discovery of my life in the 17th Century, I unexpectedly became a Silver Disc songwriter, although I had never written a song before in my life. I spontaneously shed the 3 stone extra weight I'd been carrying, and it didn't stop there. The events that took place that day changed me from a suicidal and overweight housewife, with apparently no talent and no future, into a successful, happy author, screenplay writer, newspaper and magazine columnist, song writer and TV Presenter of my own show.


To discover the rest of Ryan and Madeleine's story, see Souls Don't Lie. Click on book cover to buy!

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