Angel Q & A

When did you first become aware that angels were real?

I was travelling on a train, to take part in a TV programme called Sunday Morning. I went into one of the deepest trances I’d ever experienced. I could literally feel my vibration increasing, leaving the train far behind in another reality. Suddenly I found myself in a “presence”. At the time I had no idea what it was. I had an impression of vast golden light towering above me. I had an overwhelming tidal surge wash over me – a love so deep, that it transcended human love by a magnitude. This love was given and reciprocated on an equal footing. I felt divine, and yet at the same time I was like a child wanting to please a parent. Not because I felt I had to or out of duty, but because pleasing the parent would fill me with joy and double my own happiness.

I was shown a scenario by this being; it contained three paths; one central path and two smaller ones running parallel with it. The central path showed a person (me) being given the role of ‘seed planter’. This person would set seeds in people, while sharing her story with millions all over America. I was shown that this person would be attacked at times. The ‘being’ paused, while I considered what I was patently being offered.

Instinctively, without any hesitation at all, I said, ‘Let me! Let me!’ I was desperate and determined to be given the task of seed planter. I would have done whatever I had been asked. Making this being happy was the very same thing that would make me happy. The being said, “OK” – just that. It was simple, but it was binding. I only found out later that I had ‘made a contract with an angel’.


Are they real for everyone, and do we have one Angel who stays with us forever?

Every single being has angels attached to them. The most persistent and to me the most important is what I call your Soul or Mirror Angel These angels are with us from the moment we are sparks in the earth, right through every life and between every life and right up to right now. Their evolution depends on ours because in a sense, we ARE them. Our soul has angelic roots. (This concept is explained fully in my book, Soul Angels).


What do angels look like?

The quick answer is whatever they want to look like! Being made of pure energy an angel can appear as literally anything, but the angel will usually choose something that we can empathise with and relate to the best. I’ve seen the golden light described earlier, a rather dishy dark-haired young man, and a very human and very solid looking elderly woman.


How can other people see them or hear them?

Sometimes meditation is needed, but sometimes it appears to be just spontaneous. The best way is to calm your energy. Imagine yourself as being a little boat rocking along on the ocean. Your angel is another boat, trying to come close. If you splash the water and create waves, the other boat will actually be pushed further away. Even in times of great danger, it’s not until the mind quietens and accepts the situation that angels will appear. So, watch your energy. Ask yourself, would I be comfortable being next to me right now?


How do I know it’s an angel?

The feeling of total, unconditional love you get leaves you in doubt. It will be like nothing you ever experienced as a human, because at that moment you will be in a state of rapturous divinity.


If there are angels why don’t they show themselves to us when we experience a bereavement or are in trouble?

Our environment is not controlled by angels, but they do help when they can. In some instances it’s our energy that is too turbulent for them to reach us. In some instances we may have a difficult lesson to learn, and in some instances we really just don’t allow them in. Most certainly if an angel can’t change things much because of the above reasons, they can at least ease our pain – if we listen.


What is the difference between Angels and Guides?

Angels are divine, immortal beings, and always have been. Spirit guides are those who have passed into spirit and then chosen to travel with you on your journey, giving you the benefit of their knowledge and experience. They can also help connect you with the spirit world. Your guides may change over time as you change.


Are there Dark Angels?

Simple answer. Absolutely not. It’s just not possible for them to be dark. Angels are made of light energy and are here to help us.