Angel Quotes Through Jenny

When you're born, the natural condition of your energy is to feel love, a sense of peacefulness, strength with creativity and imagination, together with honesty, thankfulness and bliss. But the human condition, peers and social pressures condition you to feel negative emotions. Re-engage with your inner-child and bring yourself back to your natural state.

Ways to use a quote

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3. Close your eyes and let your angel guide your finger

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Make today the day you can give yourself a clean slate and start to live the life you always dreamed of.

The way to be happy is to live in the moment, the way to live in the moment is to F O C U S. Whatever you're doing you tend to be half listening to the rumblings of your mind, the little worries, the things you have to get done, the shopping list! Anything! So whatever you're doing, even if you're just having a conversation, do not listen to the brain chatter, just F O C U S on the other person, or on whatever you're doing. After a while you'll become happier and you won't even know why.

It's you who choose whether to be happy or not, not the situations you find yourself in. If someone says something nasty, you can decide whether to be offended or not, and whether to let them make you feel bad or not.

Don't ever feel 'not good enough'. You are good enough for your angels just the way you are, and you were uniquely created the way you are by the universe.

The universe is a mirror of energy and reality. Whatever you focus on and believe in, that is what will come back at you.

You have to grow in order to progress. In order to grow you need to overcome your fears. Then you can overcome anything and attain anything, and receive everything. You can BE who you always wanted to be.

Take no notice of people who talk about you behind your back. They're just jealous because you're in front of them.

It's what you've been through that makes you so special. Now is YOUR time to shine!

Try not to lose faith in humanity, no matter what's going on. Just because a few drops of water in the ocean are dirty, it doesn't mean the whole ocean is dirty. Every drop of clear, pure water you add with your own energy cleanses the ocean just a little.

If you fear your dream is lost, remember it may be making way for a better one.

Everything went wrong today from the minute you got out of bed, and already you're wondering whether to give up on it. Every day is precious, so just take a moment, focus on me and allow me to change your life, one day at a time.

You’re always digging deep for other people, and this is wonderful, but you must give yourself more credit. Learn to accept praise when it’s given, for that is a heavenly gift.

Feel very proud of your achievements, for it has not been easy. Every single time you fear to fall, I will be there to catch you, and with me you will fly!

I will not judge you, nor will I make demands or place conditions, for you are an angel at your root and one day you’ll return to that part of you in triumph, through a burst of golden light.

It's hard for you. As a human you only see such a small part of things, whereas I see the whole picture. Be assured I have a plan for you.

You did nothing wrong but trust the wrong person. Don't lose faith because of it. I am always here for you no matter what and I will pick you up if you fall.

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