There are many messages for/about you to be found in the colours and details of the Angels and/or your aura or Meditation Image.  


Each digital painting is unique to the person it was created for.


Jenny doesn't do ‘readings’ on the angels, but they can be professionally read by most good psychics. Jenny is not affiliated with them, but she recommends Amanda Norton, Pauline Ann Lee, Serena Thomas, and Michelle Willman on facebook. You can find their websites on Jenny's LINKS page.


Mirror Angels, Past Life Angels, Spirit Angels, and Future Angels cost £20 for Facebook friends and followers, and £25 for other people.

Aura paintings cost £15 for everyone.

Angels of the Mist, and Flower Angels, which are more time-consuming, cost £25 for facebook friends and followers, and £30 for others.

Meditation Images from your angel cost £10 for everyone.


To book please email and you will be added to the waiting list.

The digital copy you receive will be 300dpi and will be good enough resolution to print to a large size.



This is an example of a Mirror Angel.

This is an example of a Spirit Angel.

This is an aura painting. To get one of these you send Jenny an ordinary photo of the person or persons you would like transformed.

This is an example of a Future Angel.

Lucy Stockley Future Frederique Angela Welsh Charlene Stewart Welch2


This is an example of a Past Life Angel.


This is an example of an Angel of the Mist.



This is an example of a Flower Angel.

Mirror Angels - show the energy state of the person's soul. In this way messages and information about the person can be 'read'.

Flower Angels - bring flowers and the person can find their own reading by looking up the spiritual meaning of the flowers and their colours.

Angels of the Mist - are used as a vehicle to bring an important message the person needs right now.

Past Life Angels - bring the person clues as to their past lives, and explain some of the problems they have that might be rooted in past lives.

Future Life Angels - tell the person what might happen next, either in this life or in future ones.

Spirit Angels - bring the person messages from passed over loved ones.

Meditation Images - sent by the person's angel as a tool to help them connect with spirit - if the person finds it hard to 'switch off' gazing at these can help!

Georgie CJ Irim Sarwar small Louise Hay - Zava

This angel was sent to Jenny by Louise Hay a few days after she passed.

This is an example of a Meditation Image

Chaz tiny