Dream of a Unicorn

Dream of a Unicorn

Tony & Jenny Smedley


Kat’s parents are having difficulties. She feels that they are about to divorce and that it will be her fault if they do.


Because of her fears she is drawn to discover and ride the unicorn, Apollo, across an abyss to a magic world with no adults.


Whilst entranced at first with what she finds there, she learns that magic world has an evil side.


She must persuade her parents by communicating with them through their dreams that they must believe in magic in order to save her from the evil. The only way Kat can return to them is by their understanding that the only important and real thing is love.


Kat makes friends with many characters during her adventure. She meets another child, Dan, who was fooled into traveling to magic world as she was.


Dan looks like a ghost and is ‘see-through’ because he has been there longer and has been ‘emptied’ of emotion, by the evil force that brought them there. If Kat does not escape she too will ‘empty’ and eventually fade away into nothing.


This book is an adventure with spiritual overtones and many messages for today’s children.