Positive Energy with Focus Pictures


A focus picture is a self-created and self-designed device that’s very easy to make. It encourages positive energy, which in turn facilitates you becoming closer to angels. It can be used to kick-start your progress towards angelic communication, especially if, like most people, you’ve found it very easy to get into an almost permanent state of negativity and are unable to find your way out of it.


How To Make a Focus Picture

Take a piece of card, preferably white, and start by drawing a picture in the centre that represents the way you’d like your life to be. Any image will do – a cosy cottage in the countryside with roses round the door, a bright humming-bird with colourful wings, a smiling sun, a romantic heart, literally anything that comes to mind. You don’t have to be a skilled artist – even a childlike drawing will have the same effect. It’s vital, though, that you take a lot of trouble over both choosing the image and drawing it. The more care and time you take over colouring and putting detail into the picture, the more it will connect with your subconscious and the more effective it will be.


Next, write a circle of eight words or short phrases around the image. These words should also be carefully chosen and should represent the feelings you want to have in your life. Any positive words will be fine – ‘happy’, ‘joyful’, ‘relaxing’, ‘peaceful’, ‘angelic’, ‘flight’, etc. Choose whatever you would like to experience in your life.

Now that your focus picture is complete, all you have to do is to spend a few minutes looking at it every morning before you get up and before the day has a chance to imprint on you. It has to be before you get up. If you leave it, it’s too late, because the first negative thought or event of your day will occur and then there’ll be no going back. If you’re in a negative state, even something as minor as a stubbed toe can set your negative train rolling down the line, and once it’s rolling, it has no brakes, it’s a real runaway.


So, as soon as your eyes are open, stare at the drawing that you’ve created and concentrate on it, and it will calm your mind and help you focus on creating a good blueprint for how you want your day to be. Don’t let your mind even consider the problems that are going to face you. This is not the time for them.

Say your mantra words at least eight times, concentrating on each one as well as the entire meaning. As you do so, your endorphins, those happy brain chemicals, will start to multiply and grow in your mind, and you’ll start to become more and more cheerful. This will set up your energy to manifest a good day.


Obviously, in the near future you’ll still have the residue of all your old problems to deal with, so this won’t bring about an instant, miraculous turnaround in your fortunes. Nevertheless, it’s the first step in the right direction. As time goes by and starting off your day this way becomes habitual, your whole brain pattern will slowly change and you’ll find it easier and easier to cope with the day. Even better still, as you continue to use your picture you’ll find that your life will change, because your vibration will slowly but surely speed up, and this means that angels will start to hear you and be heard by you. People will start to treat you differently too, because everyone loves to bathe in the energy of a positive person. They’ll want to be around you and you’ll become in demand. In time, even your ‘luck’ will change as you attract abundance, because your positive magnetic energy will ensure that positive events and outcomes will bounce back to you from the universe. And it’s all possible because you created the right energy seed in your mind from the second you opened your eyes.


You might need to use your picture and mantra every single day for at least a month to start seeing really big results, although some people do get almost instant results.

You can start asking angels for help as soon as you start using the picture, but be aware that you may need to follow all the steps in this book before the bigger good stuff starts to happen. Later I’ll tell you how to ask in the best way to get results.


When this angelic device was first given to me, I tried it out with a lot of the people who were writing to me for help. I was pleased but not really surprised to hear that the angels’ device worked very well and people got amazing results.


An excerpt from Angel Whispers, published by Hay House.