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Colour Me Angelic!


People often underestimate the power of light and colours. It’s generally accepted that the quality of light available, and the colour wavelengths, really affect our moods. I’d go one step further and say that colour really affects our energy. The next obvious consequence to this is that light and colour must then also affect our ability to connect with our angels. Let me first explain that normal sun-light, which we tend to see as white, or at most yellowish, is actually composed of all the colours that are visible to our eyes. Each colour has its own frequency and each frequency affects us in different ways. Add to this that light is the only energy we can actually see, and its importance becomes clearer.

Light is the energy used by plants and trees, being converted by them into chlorophyll, so without light plants cannot live. Without plants we could not live either, so light is the main source of life. No wonder then that it and its colour frequencies can affect us so much. Whenever we change our energy, we either bring ourselves closer to angels or further away from them, so it is important to get the colours we keep around us, right. To this end I’ve suggested a colour that I feel will enhance peoples’ energy and bring them closer to their angels, for each month of this calendar. These are the colours that we change on a regular basis, such as clothes.



The Power of Numbers


Because of the connection of number and angels, as always, Numerology will play a large part in your success during 2013. The way to find your unique number for this year is to add together the numbers that form your date of birth. For instance, 23rd April 1974 will add up this way. 2 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 4 = 30. You must continue to reduce until you reach single figures. So 3 + 0 = 3.  Then you must add this number to the sum of 2013, so in this case it would be 3 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 9. So any date this year that has a 9 in it will be good for this person.

If your total was 11, for instance, then you’d need to further reduce the number down to single figures by adding the 1 and 1, making a total of 2.

There’s more you can do. For instance if you have a big and important date coming up this year, such as getting married, starting university or beginning a new job, then you can check out your prospects for that day using numerology.



Angelic Ways to Great New Starts


When it comes to new jobs or education, both of which involve brand new starts, that very first day is vital, both in terms of self-confidence and establishing your position in your new ‘pack’. This technique can of course be applied to many other situations as well. So add up the numerology for the start date and look at the following chart to see what you’ll need to do on that day.

1. On this day the other ‘newbies’ and even the old boys will be looking for leadership material. Knowing that gives you an advantage over the others. Be fair, but be strong and hold your position. When you first walk into a room of people you don’t know, don’t feel the need to babble an introduction right away. Walk calmly to a seat that will put your back to a wall and just wait with a soft smile, for someone to talk to you first. It will set the scene.

2. People will be looking for wisdom and balance, so think carefully before you answer any questions or join in any conversations. Don’t say anything negative at all on that day, don’t complain and don’t find fault. The others will be drawn to your positivity and will soon look to you for advice.

3. On this day you’ll need to be very adaptable and give licence to your creative side. Don’t be afraid to let people know that you’re very intelligent and have confidence that you will automatically say the right thing. Don’t hide your light on this day.

4. Find out all you can today on how things work, because the sooner you can establish yourself into a routine, the sooner you’ll feel settled and part of the pack. You’re not a follower or an outright leader, so just tread the middle ground showing friendship to everyone and favouritism to none.

5. Today is the day to show off your skills of communication and compassion. Look around for those who appear to be left out, ask if they’re alright and bring them into the conversations. This is a day to be generous with your extensive social powers and watch out for the under-dog. This way you’ll be remembered for creating harmony.

6. This is a day to be very business-like. Introduce yourself as soon as possible to bosses, lecturers and teachers as well as your peers. Make yourself known as someone who’s efficient and fast-acting. This isn’t the day to be a wallflower, but to pull yourself up to your full height and stand out in the crowd as one to remember.

7. A lot of people around you today will be losing their heads, and you must keep yours. There will be mistakes, things being mislaid, and total chaos could rule the day. It will be up to you, with your fore-knowledge of this to be the guiding light of reason to make everything OK. It will stand you in good stead.

8. Most people will lack energy today, so help those who are finding it all too much. Anyone making a new start today has an opportunity to become very successful and maybe even famous, so make sure you had a good night’s sleep and eat the right foods to give you more energy than anyone else. Grasp the opportunities.

9. Be aware that today isn’t the day to force your opinions and beliefs, strong as they are, on others, or you could not only overwhelm them but you could end up with quite the wrong sort of followers – those who are weak and will drain you in time with their neediness. Be selective in what you say and to whom, because you belong in the top echelon, not on the bottom.


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