Garth Notes 2

Do We Re-live or Re-Create Events From Past Lives?


It appears then that we’re sometimes fated to re-live permutations of the same events, sometimes in an attempt to make us remember the scenario from the past that was similar. Sometimes so that each time we reach a higher plane, until we are ready to go on to wherever we are meant to reach.


Ryan Fitzgerald (Garth’s past life persona, was an Irishman who died in a battle he wanted no part of) so imagine my surprise when Garth brought out the song, ‘Ireland’, a complete departure from his usual style. The song talks about a young Irishman, fighting and dying in a strange land for reasons he didn’t understand.


Impossible Personal Knowledge


Joan Cook was the first person in Garth’s management offices to read the story. She has known Garth for many years. Her response was that she believed Garth was Ryan, because they are so alike. Her words were, “You've never even met him (Garth), and yet you know him in a much deeper way than a lot of people who have known him for years. Everything you have Ryan say or do is exactly what Garth would do in the same circumstances.”


Where Do These Amazing Song Ideas Come From?


It’s fascinating that a lot of the songs that Garth has co-written, or chosen to record since I wrote this story down, have seemed to match parts of it, or feelings from it, so well. It could possibly be perhaps that certain words trigger emotional responses from that lifetime, which influence choices and assist creative output. Many singer/songwriters have said that their inspiration for songs comes from ‘out there somewhere’. Garth recently recorded a song he wrote back in 2000, about reincarnation. (Cowgirl’s Saddle) He also wrote and recorded, When You Come Back To Me Again, which has lines that certainly seem to relate to it being about past and future lives.


What Does Garth Think?


Garth has discussed my story with many people over the years, and has promised that one day we’ll have a conversation about it too. Until then I recall (as do my husband and my friend Graham Goodall) the way he almost ‘morphed’ into Ryan before our eyes, and the many things he told us that day when we met him in Goodlettsville, Nashville. Some of the things he said would seem very strange to others, but to us they made perfect sense. I think my photo with him says a thousand words.


His only quote so far...unless you know better (please let me know if you do) was:


'Someone needs to explain this book to me.'


Any offers?