Garth Notes

My belief and the story chronicled in Souls Don’t Lie, is that Garth Brooks had a previous life as a man called Ryan Fitzgerald. Here are some of the weird ‘coincidences’ that tie him to the story.


Chris Gaines

Garth invented the character of Chris Gaines, and made a 'rock' album under that name, at around the same time I was writing my first book on the subject. The press ridiculed Garth for this, because they couldn’t understand why a fictional character seemed so important to him, and why he felt the need to go to the extremes of dressing up in odd clothes and a wig of long black hair, as a character that was essentially supposed to be created for a film role. The rock album that ‘Chris Gaines’ made was superb, and yet the media made sure it didn’t succeed as it should have done, concentrating on Garth’s need to wear a long wig when singing as Gaines, rather than the quality of the music.


It's All in the Numbers

In Numerology terms the fictitious birth date of Gaines that Garth invented, and the factual birth date of Ryan, (which had been previously recorded in the first version of the book when it was known as Ripples), add up to the same base number.


The two names, Chris Gaines and Ryan Fitzgerald have the same numerical value - 4. So taking these two facts into account, could it be possible that Garth’s 'invention' of Gaines was actually a manifestation, albeit unconsciously, of his past life as Ryan?


Re-creating the look

When the Chris Gaines’ CD finally appeared, the cover photo was a revelation to me. The man on the cover was Garth, and yet he wasn’t. The face on the cover was much thinner than Garth’s, younger, and dangerous looking, with long shaggy long black hair, his blue eyes peering through it. He matched my description of Ryan perfecty.


I was told that Garth has a scar, which corresponds exactly to where Ryan was stabbed. Garth got the scar in a road accident, and in his words a long piece of metal broke off the car body, and he was 'skewered'. Could that piece of metal be the 20th Century version of a sword? And he got the injury at almost the same age Ryan was when he died from his.


Past Life Phobias

Garth is reputed to have a dread of deep water, just as Ryan did. He is, not surprisingly, said to be alarmed at the sight of his own blood.


Re-creating the Events

n my book there is an account of the forest fire which Ryan helped fight, and which started at a neighbour’s property. In Oklahoma a few years ago, (well after the book was written) Garth helped to fight a grass fire, which started at his neighbour's property, and he saved a boy calledRyan.


This is the report of the incident

OCTOBER 21 -- COLLINSVILLE, OK: Garth Brooks has several new fans in Oklahoma. And he's pretty much a superhero in the eyes of Kevin and Jodi Cooper after evacuating their two sons from the path of a grass fire southeast of Collinsville on Thursday. The Tulsa World reported that the two boys were home alone on fall break from school Thursday when Garth Brooks and another man began beating on the door of their wood-frame house. "I opened the door and the guy said, 'There's a fire. You've got to get out,' so I went out," said 10-year-old Randall. "The guy who turned out to be Garth was back behind him. I was yelling back at the house, 'Ryan, there's a fire!'"

Ryan, 14, was taking a shower and didn't hear his brother's calls, but he did hear Brooks, who has relatives in the area. "He was yelling, 'Ryan, Ryan!' I was like, 'Who are you?' and he said, 'Get in the truck.'" Brooks drove Ryan through dense smoke to a neighbor's truck, where he joined his brother. As reported in The Tulsa World.


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