Julianne Hall


Connecting with Angels


From Genesis to the present day, Angels have been a constant within our lives and whether you believe in them or not, each and every one of us are assigned a guardian angel; a messenger of love and light bringing hope, guidance, healing and inspiration in many different guises.  I recall my earliest personal memory of angels was learning bedtime prayers as a very small child and being introduced to the “Black Paternoster” (more commonly known as Matthew, Mark, Luke and John).  It was the lyrics “Four corners to my bed, four angels round my head; one to watch and one to pray, and two to bear my soul away”.   I truly believed in my heart that angels were with me as I slept and it was hugely comforting knowing I was safe and protected.


There are so many examples of situations in which our angels are omnipresent and watching over us.  My wonderful mother’s guardian angel is her birth mother, Lily.   Lily died soon after my mum was born as she was terminally ill with Tuberculosis. She had been given the option of terminating the pregnancy to extend her own life, but had chosen to put her child first as she knew she had very little time left herself.  My mother was born and after a short time in the care system she was subsequently adopted by her aunty and thus remained with her biological family.  As a young child, my mother had a habit of sleep-walking and one night her adopted mother felt herself being forcibly shaken awake. She heard a whisper of my mother’s name and immediately felt a sense of foreboding.  She bolted out of bed towards the landing area and was able to grab my mother in the nick of time just before she fell down a flight of stairs – divine intervention?  Most definitely!    


Of course, all of us experience the power, presence and blessings of angels at various points within our lives and it’s by acknowledging and fully embracing the realms that bring about the most miraculous of personal and spiritual transformations.  In the past nine months I have been privileged to meet so many beautiful souls and our mutual bond in the belief angels enrich our lives and encourage us to strive to be the very best versions of ourselves.


My passion for angels fully resurfaced following the death of my father in 2011.  I believe he was with me before his soul departed the earthly veil leaving my bedroom room lit up in a wonderful warm golden light.  The incredible peace I felt within my heart was breath-taking and allowed me to deal with the ensuing grief of losing a much loved dad.

In May 2015, I was frazzled, disillusioned and at a very low ebb within my own life and decided “enough was enough”~ it was time to make significant shifts to find that much needed inner peace we all strive for.  I came across Jenny Smedley’s page on Facebook and was truly astounded and fascinated with her wonderful channeled angel portraits.  I started to get “a vibe” from the paintings – a real feel for the person they reflected and I began to comment and contribute to Jenny’s page.  In August 2015, I was delighted to receive my very first Mirror Angel and I was completely overwhelmed by the beauty and sheer detail.  I cannot explain it in words other than I felt my heart fill with love and an awakening in me of sorts.  


Subsequently I requested an angel reading from the fabulous Michelle Willman (Heaven to Home Readings) and the confirmations I received from Michelle were accurate and affirmed many of the life changes I had been considering.

Since “my awakening” I have encountered angels in meditation and I am more attuned to signs, messages and visions than ever before.  The whole awakening process does take some adjusting to, however, I am now embracing “the gift” which lay dormant for so long.  I cannot express enough thanks and gratitude to Jenny for opening up my world to the angelic realms.


Jenny’s angels are startlingly informative.  I can only liken it to a remote viewing deep within your soul guided by Angels.  When interpreting Jenny’s portraits you have to look past the initial image and there are layers and layers of data – an entrance to your personal akashic record!  A recent example of Jenny’s phenomenal gift came to light courtesy of a Mirror Angel reading.   I had mentioned to “X” that there appeared to be a young spirit attached to their angel and I felt the soul had not quite made it to the earthly plane. The young male soul was full of love, attracted to and felt at home conjoined to “X’s” energies (not unlike a baby in the womb).  After a little bit of delving it was discovered that the mother of “X” had lost her first child and incredibly Jenny had interpreted and depicted this with such accuracy within her portrait!

Ab initio, I was reading Jenny’s angels purely from gut instinct and intuitive messages.   However, by communicating regularly with angels it gradually provides you with a conduit to higher, deeper levels of receptivity.  Nowadays I will receive words &/or messages from spirit at random times or a lit door/portal will appear in meditation followed by a vision &/or number of visions, which could be in the form of celestial messages, past life experiences and even spirit animals passing through!  Every meditation is different and unique to the individual you are working with.  


Jenny is a fountain of knowledge; a remarkable and respected ambassadress in the world of Angels and has brought much joy and comfort to people all around the world.   Like our angelic friends, Jenny’s portraits change lives for the better and I can hand-on-heart confirm it is the best investment and gift you can give to yourself.    

I leave you with a short message from our angels.  Look and listen deep within yourself and you will find us, for we are part of you.  

Blessings and much love




Julianne Hall