Katie Golby



An Angel on My Shoulder

There aren’t many people in the modern world who can honestly say they love their work. So many people feel stuck in jobs they hate due to financial pressures and fear. How many have dreams for careers they would give anything to be doing but don’t let themselves try to embrace them in case they fail? When I was younger I honestly believed that work was just a necessary evil and everyone was miserable and unfulfilled; thankfully I now know this not to be true. Whether it’s writing about angels, passing on angelic messages to those who need to hear their love and guidance, or helping others to connect to the angelic realms, I absolutely love every moment of my work. Fulfilling, inspiring and always a joy- I know that this is absolutely what I am here on Earth to do.


At first glance, my own angel experiences may appear to start slowly. I was born into a family with no solid religious beliefs at all. Indeed, my father was an atheist whose very rational and logical mind made the whole notion of spirituality one he was unable to take on board. My mother, on the other hand, was always open to spiritual matters and has become more so as we’ve both got older, but as a child, the only real spiritual influence in my life was school. Yes, I learnt about Easter and Christmas from a Christian perspective, but aside from saying the Lord's Prayer every day in assembly, I don’t recall any religious or spiritual matters being discussed in a big way at all during my formative years.

My childhood seemed to centre on dance lessons, reading and eating many sweeties; certainly, nothing that would hint at the direction my life would take in later years. And yet, even at a young age, I always knew there was something different about me; something that separated me slightly from those around me. You would never have known it to look at me - there was no obvious sign or mark of my inner turmoil - but as the years rolled by, these feelings grew.


Outside I was an outgoing and friendly girl, but inside I felt hollow; as though there was an aching void I was unable to fill. I now know that this feeling was my spiritual self, which was feeling ignored and isolated, but for years, I had no clue why I felt so lost and unfulfilled. Desperately, I tried to make myself happy with an unending merry-go-round of doomed relationships, unsuitable professions, and hobbies that felt shallow and fake. None of these brought me any closer to the happiness I was looking for. However, although I may not have been connecting to my angels then, or even fully aware of their presence, they were continuously trying to make themselves known to me!

Looking back now, it is clear that there were two key times in my life that stand out as early angelic connections - and at both times, those connections certainly saved my life! The first occurred when I was 20 and pregnant with my first child. It had been quite a difficult pregnancy: my blood pressure had been up and down and I'd suffered with terrible morning sickness. None of this was helped by my unhealthy relationship with my child's father, and the stress of it all was having a very negative impact on how I was feeling. At around 32 weeks, I visited my midwife on the advice of my grandparents, who had commented on the swelling in my feet. She admitted that my blood pressure was a little high and said she would visit me at home in a few days. She never came.


On the following Friday I was at home on my own reading, as my partner was at work. The house was peaceful and I was enjoying the quiet, when suddenly I heard a loud and distinct male voice in my right ear: "Go to the doctors now!" Immediately I spun round, expecting to see an intruder, but there was no one there. I was completely alone. My heart thumped. Had I simply imagined the voice? I wasn’t sure, but I did know there was an unshakable feeling deep inside me telling me I needed to follow the advice of that disembodied voice and get myself to the doctors. When I got there, the doctor took one look and told me to get myself to the hospital straight away. I was suffering from pre-eclampsia, and both my life and that of my unborn child were in great danger unless I had an emergency caesarean straight away. My son Jack was born that day, 7 weeks early and weighing only 3lb 12oz. I never told anyone about what had happened back at home. I was worried they wouldn’t believe me – or worse, would think I was crazy. Therefore, I buried the strange experience deep into my subconscious, until events ten years later dragged it up to the surface. This time, though, I was ready, and in a place where I wouldn’t be ignoring a warning like that ever again.


Ten years later, I was travelling down to Cornwall to see my mum and stepdad with my son, my husband and a family friend. We had recently purchased a second-hand car from a local dealership, and I’d become increasingly uneasy with it as the days had gone on. The car felt more and more unsafe and unreliable, and I couldn't shake off the creeping anxiety that knotted in my stomach. Still, I was desperate to see my mum, so off we set.  After a stop for refreshments, we were heading back onto the motorway when suddenly, without warning, all the electrics in the car simultaneously cut out and the engine went dead. Fear gripped my heart. "Someone help us, please!" I silently screamed. It was a bank holiday Monday and the roads were packed with holidaymakers heading off to the coast, and yet the lane we were in was mysteriously clear of traffic. Not only this, but the car rolled onto the hard shoulder and off the carriageway after it had stopped. As we pulled out of harm’s way and the traffic roared past, we stared at each other open mouthed, unable to believe what had just happened. We should still be sitting on the road, about to be hit by oncoming traffic at any second, and yet we were here, safe. We had miraculously been moved out of danger.


2010 was a turning point in my life. I started my spiritual awakening and took a tentative step onto the path that would ultimately lead to connecting and communicating with the angels on a daily basis. Events in that year allowed me to evaluate my life and fully comprehend that life is too short to be miserable. You should spend your valuable time doing things that make you joyful and give you fulfilment, and always aim to be true to who you really are. It was then that I also came across the inspirational author Doreen Virtue, whose books helped me to identify who I really was and why I was here. Suddenly my spiritual being shot into the fore in bright and wonderful technicolour, and I was filled with immense feelings of fulfilment and joy. From that moment on, I absorbed everything I could about various spiritual fields: tarot; psychic ability; auras; past lives; meditation; and a whole host of other related information. However, the one I kept coming back to time and time again was the angels.

Initially I was resistant to the angelic realms. I was worried about what others would think of me and about the links to Christianity that I was keen to move away from. However, the angels clearly had other ideas for me, because they kept drawing me back in; and the more I learned about them, the greater sense of complete comprehension, peace and fulfilment I felt. The final piece of the jigsaw came when I was given my own psychic reading, and was told clearly that my life purpose was to work with the angels and introduce other people to their love and guidance - a truly blessed vocation.



Angel Columnist in Soul & Spirit Magazine