Maggie Ordever

Maggie Hughes-Ordever is a Holistic Therapist, Aromatherapist, Reiki Master and Teacher. During a long battle with breast cancer, an out of body experience convinced her to use Angel guidance, M.A.P. and Reiki to assist in her recovery.  She is clairaudient and has worked with Angels for many years, giving readings and healing.



Many people are interested in improving their connection to Angels so I wanted to give some simple advice on using Essential oils to help make those connections easier.


Essential oils, or Aromatherapy oils, are extracted from flowers, plants, trees or fruits. Their use goes way back to the Ancient Egyptians but I’m not here to give you a history lesson, suffice to say that they are very powerful and a little oil goes a long way.


If you are pregnant do not use any oils in your first trimester. There are some oils that can be beneficial later, but always take advice from a trained Aromatherapist.


Basic ways to use Essential oils:

1.In an oil burner. Place warm water into your burner, and then add a couple of drops of your chosen oil before lighting or switching on. Tea-light burners are cheap and widely available, but electric versions are considerably safer. Having a burner will purify the air and help to deepen your relaxation


2.As a room spray. A small plant sprayer is very effective – add water first and then a few drops of your chosen essential oil. Shake well, then spray into the air. Avoid eyes, fabrics and furniture, as some oils can sting or stain.



3.To scent your Angel Cards. Add 1 -2 drops to a cotton wool ball or tissue and tuck inside your Angel card box. I always find it purifies the cards and gives a very clear reading.


4.In a relaxing bath. First run your bath then add no more than 6 drops of oil and stir the water well. If you have very sensitive skin, mix your oil into 1 cup of milk first [yes milk!]


Choosing Oils:

•Buy a good quality Essential oil. Neal’s Yard and Tisserand are very reliable, but you might find a good organic brand in a health shop. Don’t be tempted to buy cheap oil, as it won’t have enough therapeutic properties. Start with just one oil and add to your collection as your budget allows. Some oils only keep 3-4 months when opened, so it’s better to use up your stock fairly quickly. [See storage]


•Choose a smell that you really like, but when testing, hold the bottle away from your nose. Some oils can really sting if they touch the skin when they are undiluted.


•Remember that less is more – 6 drops of oil is sufficient for a whole bath of water. You won’t get a better result by using more; you will just waste your oil.


Storage of Oils:

•Oils are supplied in dark coloured bottles to protect them from the light

•Label your bottle with the date you opened it. It begins to deteriorate in 3-4 months, and will reach the end of its use in about 6 months.

•Keep oils in a cool, dark place. A steamy bathroom, or a windowsill will cause them to deteriorate quickly.


Oils for Angels:

Easily obtained oils include Chamomile, Frankincense, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Clary Sage & Orange. Remember – you only need one to start with. Each of these vibrates with more than one Angel, so don’t get to hung up on having the ‘right’ one for a particular Angel – they will appreciate any effort you make.






Maggie Ordever