I was always the daydreamer, distracted by dust motes in a stream of sunlight in the classroom, or a single raindrop as it found its path down the window pane - it really didn't matter, I was 'little miss daydreamer' and there was always something taking my attention away from the mainstream. What lay beyond the classroom held much more wonder than the words in books or the teacher’s voice could invoke. That said, I could soon come back to life when asked to be creative! Life was 'out there waiting' and I was eager to be a part of it. I found socialising easy - regardless of the age of the company, yet also happy playing alone, and have always had the most amazing imagination. Little did I realise this 'falling between the cracks of reality' was the basis for my future work with the angels! Daydreaming is something I still do and something I’d always encourage - these days my mind may have a bit (lot) more chatter, but the benefit of sitting in quietude is immense. You see, it is in the silence that angels whisper.


Like many, I have had some big lessons in life - you know, those times where you feel completely out on a limb and pretty much 'winging it'... the sort of things where you then spend a long time afterwards coming to terms with the choices you made and perhaps  judge how you think you’ve 'messed up' - or, those times where you felt totally at a loss mentally, physically and emotionally and had no control or say whatsoever over events as they unfurled and then, you look back wondering how on Earth you ever coped. The common denominator here was that my angels were always with me telling me that all would work out in the end - my light at the end of the tunnel, brought to me through signs and synchronicities. Some souls come here to learn pretty big lessons - and they can be tough, those 'wrong turns' are actually pre-ordained to help them achieve that 'messed up moment', for it is all part of the plan!


Each and every one of us, just as we are have a whole host of angels by our sides, on call 24/7! Just as we are, we all have guardians that see us through each incarnation in the physical, from birth to passing into the next realm; and then there are those angels that visit to assist with specific issues as we go through life (training, health issues, parenthood etc.). Every single one of us, no matter what we perceive as having done wrong, or failed to do, or failed to be, are unconditionally loved and supported - just as we are. When our angels look at us, they see us as the pure essence of our soul-selves, they see the magnitude of light and love that resides within each of us - so whether we realise our full potential and full worth or not, our angels are always our number one fans. So, no matter what path we chose, regardless of religion, achievement, success, mental or physical stamina - no matter what has gone before, just as we are, our angels are there to support us, and if what we wish for is for our highest good, you can guarantee they are helping out behind the scenes with synchronicities, signs and messages.


Just as we are - we are loved, we are supported and we are guided.


I can see how angels were already working with me as a child visually to connect me with a way of perceiving the world about me, the world between those cracks, and the space of silence, where angels whisper. Back in the 1990's there was a new kind of picture, a 3D image that held other images hidden within the background - in order to see them you had to allow your eyes to relax and then as if by magic the image would come forward - they came quite naturally for me to perceive... and in many ways this is how I see much of what lays within Jenny's angel portraits... hidden within the background.


So, you have your very own angels chorusing your praise, and they’re constantly communicating with you and answering your prayers and there’s no discrimination from the angels whatsoever - we all have them at our disposal whether we truly believe, think we believe, like the idea of angels or categorically think they are a fantasy! They believe in us! There is no judgment, favouritism or preferences in their eyes, but that we are all equal and treated accordingly. As such, anyone can communicate with the angelic realms - all it takes is an open heart.


How we communicate with our angels is through a personal mix of all of our senses. Some will notice the synchronicities, others the five pence coins or tiny white feathers, and others see their messages through signs such as shapes in the clouds and others still will feel the energy of their angels when they are close by. Some have the most wondrous quite direct and impressive interactions with their angels - the point is, it is very personal, and very right for us 'for who we are and where we are at that moment in time'. Of course the more you work with angels and invite them into your life, the more in depth those communications can become - the senses / awareness of them will become stronger and you may even develop some or all of the 'Clairs'. Clairvoyance and seeing your angels in your third eye or in dream state; clairaudience when you hear your angels, clairsentience where you feel them about you, and claircognizance or simply knowing in your heart what information is being given.


It never ceases to amaze me what comes to light within the colours and shapes of Jenny’s angels. I’m led to information, I see a glimmer and focus on it and then synchronicities play out through the course of the reading / morning to confirm what I've seen. At times I have a clear image in my mind or 'hear' or feel a word or sentence that I find I have typed before I have had time to consider it. One portrait will bring a song, another an emotion, sometimes I have a 'video play out' and most bring a whole menagerie of animal spirit guides lining up to make an appearance! Each portrait is as different as the recipient it is for – and I love how each reader will also bring new messages with them, for we each perceive different things, although often too will confirm things also. 


One occasion when the angels were present in my life, was while I was living in Germany. My husband (a British soldier) was in Iraq during the 2003 war and I’d heard nothing from him - I was worried and having another sleepless night. I begged to get a phone call from him, a bluey (letter) or some sign that he was ok. A few hours into my sleepless turmoil, on the wall opposite my bedroom an image began to appear. Mesmerised I sat in silence, (sniffing back tears), and there within the image was Gary, the image placed me behind him as if looking over his shoulder, there was no sound but I could see the desert landscape, the clear blue cloudless sky, I could see the side of his face, mouth moving in speech, standing with his hands resting on his hips, the army truck to his left and a civilian red truck with two men in Arab clothing in front of him talking to him. Cut short - Gary was safe! The peace I felt in my heart was palpable, my answer and comfort had been dispensed!


When joy is in your heart, you are on the right path. And when you are not sure of your path - sit in quietude - for in the silence, angels whisper.


Whoever you are, wherever you have been, no matter what you've been through in life - you are surrounded by the love and light of many angels - sit with them, be still, be quiet and listen - for in the silence, angels whisper.


Brightest blessings, Michelle xxx



Michelle Willman


In the silence, angels whisper

Michelle Willman