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Just when you think you can't go on, I'll swoop down and lift you into the shelter of my wings. Stop worrying. I will never let you fall, and one day I will carry you into the light.

There is an animal in your life that has been directed by an angel to help you. Don't let logic stand in the way!

Oh no, no, do not give up. Things will be better before long. Hold my hand and walk forward with courage.

Life as a human can be very difficult, and I understand this and am sorry that you have to endure. But please trust me. In the end everything will be OK.

Every morning wrap me around you like a cloak of silver. I will act as your shield against sticks and stones. If you feel afraid today, know that you wear a suit of angelic armour.

Home is where the heart is, and you are my home. I reside in and around you. You can’t see me but I am there like the air you breathe. Learn to feel my presence and you will known you are never, ever alone.

When someone says unkind things to you, remember it is their problem, not yours. Sail on serenely for that is the best way to show them they are wrong.

Which is the real you? The human part that feels fear? The human part that worries about being judged? Or is the real you the energy/soul part? That is the part that bathes in the love of angels and reacts to other souls with forgiveness and love. Of course you are really your soul - the human part is transitory.

You feel stressed, you feel as if you can't relax, but inside you there is a place where you can rest and feel peaceful and calm. Just quiet your mind and ask me to come to you, and I will bring you bliss

Don't keep telling yourself you'll be happy 'when' or 'if' something happens or everything is perfect. You will waste your life if you do. Be aware that dreams that come true will always lead you into other dreams because you are a creative with imagination. Be happy now with what you have, be happy every 'now' for what you have.

When you are born, your soul is naturally full of love, and has full belief in the spiritual world. Your priorities are correct. But peers and sometimes families seek to change you as you grow so that you 'fit in'. Don't be 'boxed'. Change yourself back to the way your soul knows to be right.

Miracles surround you every day. You just have to be ready to recognise them for what they are.

Events that happen are not the important thing, the important thing and what will move you forward is how you react when they happen.

If you think you've made it to the right road in life, that is a beautiful thing, but don't sit admiring the view too long, or you may get run over.

Animals live in the present moment and have no idea what's going to happen next, or what they'll do next. It makes intuition the key to everything. Try it.

Don't be afraid to change. Don't resist it because you're afraid you'll lose part of who you are. You'll actually become someone even better.

With all your self-perceived faults and flaws, you are in fact perfect. You were designed by the universe to fulfil a role, and you fit that perfectly. If all the world turned against you, I would still admire and love the perfect you.

If your dreams aren't coming true, try calling them your plan instead of your dream. The mind will do the rest and make your plan happen.

Do you ever wonder if anyone looks at you and finds you beautiful? Do you think nobody ever has or will? If you do either of these things know that your soul is beautiful from one end to the other and inside out, and I say that you are beautiful every time I look at you.

If in doubt, pause and smile and the universe will smile back at you.