Past Life Angels

We drift through life uncertain of who we really are and what we should be doing. And in this sense our instincts are right. Our lives are unfinished business. Our soul is eternal, and has a job to do in this life. It has a master plan that has evolved through all our lifetimes. Everyone knows about the existence of Angels, but this book reveals the discovery of a very special and previously unsuspected legion - that of Past Life Angels. These beings are not only here and now; they have been with us through all our lives, since our soul's creation. They are still there to nudge us, guide us, jog our memories. The clues are there, and by following them we can kick our higher self into operation, and change our lives beyond recognition. For the first time, Jenny Smedley shows why your past lives are important to your future and how they can change your current one. She discusses the contracts made before this birth, both with others and yourself. She explains the illnesses and fears we suffer from and, above all, how we can stick to the right path with the help of our past life angels, once we have found it.