Positivity Room

Many people have commented that they are finding it hard to keep their minds positive in among all the chaos of their lives. One suggestion I have for this is to create a secret sanctuary. You do this by imagining and visualising a secret room in your heart. Start by picturing the shape of this room clearly in your mind. Personally I prefer a round room, but whatever you feel comfortable with. Once you have the shape in your mind, begin to furnish it. 'See' the fabrics, the cushions, crystals, whatever you want. There is no cost involved in this so you can choose the most luxurious or minimalist look you desire. Let your imagination run free. See all the colours, and the most important thing, all the details - leave no corner or nook unfinished. Place whatever objects you'd like to own in the room, paintings, music, flowers, sculptures, books, anything you can imagine. Take your time with this, make it totally individual and totally YOURS. Now leave the room, but lock it carefully behind you. Now whenever life gets too much and you feel yourself slipping into a negative spiral, leave the situation and go to your secret room. It can be for just a few seconds, because the power of this room is immense. It will re-balance you and give you the strength to carry on in a more cheerful way. Keep popping back as often as you need to, to re-balance your energy. When you have time go there for longer periods. This is, it's true, just another way to meditate, but it is the very powerful way to do so, and works, even with people who find meditating hard. Because who can easily sit with a mind full of nothing? Nature will fill a vacuum if it can, and sadly our worries are the easiest way to fill it. But but this room can switch off your mundane worries.