How Do You Know When Angels Are Trying to Talk to You?


We all accept praying to angels as a way to communicate with God, but what we sometimes fail to spot are the messages from God to us! Angels make their presence felt in several ways. You might find a white feather fluttering to your feet, which wouldn’t be unusual if you are walking next to a hedge, but if it happens in the middle of a supermarket, it could be from a different kind of ‘bird’ altogether.

Another classic is a scent, when there should be none, most predominately the perfume of a rose.

More unexpectedly, you might smell tobacco, which does seem unlikely – a smoking angel? It won’t really be tobacco, but the smell of burning white sage, a Native American cleansing herb.

Angels sometimes brush your cheek, with a touch as gentle as a cobweb.

You might hear a voice, singing on the wind.

And the biggest and most obvious sign of all - Synchronicity – what does that word mean? It means that ‘there is no such thing as a coincidence, and every incident should be valued and followed as a sign’. If you suddenly bump into an old friend, colleague or business acquaintance you haven’t seen for a while, the chances are that it means something. Either they will tell you something you need to know, introduce you to someone you need to meet, or even change your life themselves! If you are about to call an old friend and they call you, listen very closely, because your Guardian Angel has something he wants to tell you.

Supposing you’ve had a song in your head all day and your partner walks into the house singing the same song. Have a good look at the lyrics because they may have a message for you. So, you should pay attention to things that could be dismissed as meaningless coincidences, because there is no such thing, and anything that looks meaningless has been placed there by the mystical power that is synchronicity.

Follow the signs. Supposing you’re driving down the road thinking about making a new business deal and not sure if it’s a good idea or not, and the car in front of you has a number plate that reads BIG 123D. This could be interpreted as “Big Deal – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3”. The thing about synchronistic signs is that they nearly always come in threes, so later in the day you might see a hoarding sign that you never saw before, and it kind of jumps out at you, saying, ‘Today’s the day to take a chance’ Later still you might see a newspaper heading that says, ‘2000 new businesses forecast this year’. All of these things could just be ignored, but a follower of synchronicity will smile and say thank you, and they’ll sign the contract.