Souls Don't Lie

Do we really have past lives? At one level, this is a thrilling romance adventure from the 17th century. But it's also true. Jenny Smedley's life was changed the second she recognized a past life soulmate in American country music singer, Garth Brooks. Under hypnosis, she began to recall the life they shared together as Madeleine and Ryan Fitzgerald in the 1600s. Memories came tumbling back, and she wrote this astonishing tale of love, sacrifice, murder, death and renewal. She later found many points of confirmation of her story. That moment of recognition also changed Jenny's present life. From a depressed, overweight, suicidal woman she became a successful song writer, author, radio celebrity, newspaper columnist and TV presenter. Knowing our past lives is key to understanding our present one, and Jenny's story can inspire you to change your own life in the same way.