SPIRITUAL PAINTINGS - Guided by angels

There are many messages for/about you to be found in the colours and details of the digital Angels and Guides and your aura or Meditation Image.  Each digital painting is unique to the person it was created for.


Jenny doesn't do ‘readings’ on the angels, as she is contracted to magazines for that, but they can be professionally read by most good psychics. There are many fabulous 'readers' on Jenny's facebook page and they are all invited to offer full readings on the paintings. They also make comments on the angels for free, which is wonderful.


Click on each picture title below to see samples. After you've made your selection please email author@globalnet.co.uk and you will be added to the waiting list. You will be sent a link to pay when it is completed.


The digital copy you receive by email will be 300dpi and will be good enough resolution to print to a large size. Once payment has been made your digital copy will be emailed to you.




Under exceptional circumstances the angels direct that a painting will be done without charge.

NEW Star Beings! - It is said that these beings are a form of Spirit Guide that are connected to the inter-dimensional energies around Earth, or come from other galaxies and dimensions. Some come from the Pleiades, Sirius, and  Arcturus but there are many others as well. Star beings can appear in physical form, but can also be from non-physical planes.They cost £25


NEW! Gatekeeper Guardians - This Guide will help you transit to your next level. This can be something in this life like moving up a level in Reiki or becoming a qualified past life therapist or that kind of thing. It can be transitioning from girl or boy to woman or man, wife or husband, mother or father. It can be moving a step up in meditation so that you might astral travel. It can be literally moving from this life to another.They cost £25


NEW! Pet Memorial Paintings - Commissioned for a passed over pet - created using the pet's own photo in a spiritual setting. They help you grieve for a much loved friend, and usually come with a message from your pet. They cost £15.


Nature Spirits

These might be Tree Nymphs, River spirits, faeries, elves, sprites etc. They are £25


Ascended Masters/Godesses - spiritually enlightened beings who have undergone a series of spiritual transformations originally called initiations. They are £20


Guardian Angels - Your personal angel of protection that walks beside you through this life, comforting you, and bringing guidance for your highest good. Guardian Angels cost £25


Spirit Guide and Animal Spirit Paintings - Bring a new dimension. These paintings were directed by angels and started to happen quite spontaneously. They cost £15


Mirror Angels - show the energy state of the person's soul. In this way messages and information about the person can be 'read'. Cost is £20


Angels of the Mist - are used as a vehicle to bring an important message you need to know right now. Cost is £25


Past Life Angels - bring you clues as to your past lives, and explain some of the problems you have that might be rooted in past lives. Cost is £20


Future Angels - tell you what might happen next, either in this life or in future ones. Cost is £20


Spirit Angels - these bring you messages from your passed over loved ones. Cost is £20


Meditation Images - these sent through by your personal angel as a tool to help you connect with spirit - if you find it hard to 'switch off', then gazing at these will help! The cost is £10


Archangels - These are not paintings of your own personal angel, but rather a depiction of a message for you from an Archangel, in the form of that Archangel. These take more time as it requires more effort to connect with an Archangel that has a message for you, than it does with your own personal angel. Cost is £30


Couple Angels These are paintings done by channeling TWO angels. Much insight can be gained by observing the interaction between them. These cost £40 (for the 2 angels), which can have male or female energy despite the gender(s) of the person or persons.


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