Things People Say

At times we all need guidance and sometimes we forget how close it is, all we have to do is reach out or ask! Jenny restores a belief in us all. Bless you Jenny.

Barrie John International Multi Award Winning TV Medium, Presenter, Broadcaster, Speaker, Paranormal Investigator and Columnist



Jenny Smedley’s books are divine treasure troves of information. Whoever we are and whatever we’ve done, we’re all blessed with an angel. Read Jenny’s powerful prose to find yours.

Mary Bryce Editor, Chat it's fate



As a past life therapist I often encounter Angels, both from my client's beliefs and through the experiences they have in their regressions. Jenny provides the definitive work on the subject, and has put a whole new perspective on the importance of Angelic beings.

Andrew Hillsdon. Chairman of the Past Life Therapists association - Worldwide



I believe Jenny Smedley has a unique gift - not only does she generously share her ability to communicate with the spiritual world, but in delivering the messages she receives in a clear, warm and comforting way, she gives people peace and reassurance. Her books are not to be missed.

Editor, Take 5 magazine - Australia



Jenny's books transports angels from their lofty realms bang into your every day life—which exactly where you want them, of course!  Every chapter gives practical advice on everything from choosing angel oracle cards and creating an angel sanctuary to finding out what your personal angel looks like.

Sue Ricketts, Editor, Take A Break’s Fate & Fortune - UK



Jenny's fantastic books shows everyone they can connect with angels. Focusing on four types of angelic beings, Jenny gives us lots of easy ways to bring angels into our lives, while recounting numerous heart-warming stories of how angels have come to the rescue in times of need.

Editor, Soul&Spirit Magazine



Anyone will find Jenny's fascinating books compelling reading.

Shane Richie



Someone needs to explain this book to me

Garth Brooks (talking about Ripples/Souls Don't Lie)


Thought provoking and truly inspirational

Concetta Bertoldi - New York Times Bestselling author and psychic medium featured in TIME Magazine and The Early Show on CBS


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