Give to Receive

This is an old belief but it still holds true today. Whatever you’d like your angels to bring you, you must give freely. Whether you seek financial help, or want someone to love you for who you truly are, or whether you look for approval from someone important to you, or just wish you were given more precious time by someone you love, you need to first know how to give these things. The universe is a place of flow, and if you block any of these flows from leaving you, then you also block to flow coming to you. Likewise, if you give out hate, anger and aggression, then that is what you’ll get back.

If the issue is money, then give first, even if it’s only a few pence to a homeless person. If you want love, then love people as much as you possibly can and try to forgive them if they do you wrong. If you want approval, then make sure you always give praise where praise is due. If you want someone’s time, then make sure you make time for your loved-ones, and most especially for connecting to your angels.

Never accept a gift without giving something to someone else in exchange, as this is the best way to keep all bounty flowing. You may have heard of the concept of ‘pay it forward’. This means that when you do a good turn for someone, instead of being paid for it, you ask the person to pass a good deed on to someone else instead. This is the way the world should work, and doing it certainly gets the angels on your side!


Colour Me Angelic

People often underestimate the power of light and colours. It’s generally accepted that the quality of light available, and the colour wavelengths, really affect our moods. I’d go one step further and say that colour really affects our energy. The next obvious consequence to this is that light and colour must then also affect our ability to connect with our angels. Let me first explain that normal sun-light, which we tend to see as white, or at most yellowish, is actually composed of all the colours that are visible to our eyes. Each colour has its own frequency and each frequency affects us in different ways. Add to this that light is the only energy we can actually see, and its importance becomes clearer.

Light is the energy used by plants and trees, being converted by them into chlorophyll, so without light plants cannot live. Without plants we could not live either, so light is the main source of life. No wonder then that it and its colour frequencies can affect us so much. Whenever we change our energy, we either bring ourselves closer to angels or further away from them, so it is important to get the colours we keep around us, right. To this end I’ve suggested a colour that I feel will enhance peoples’ energy and bring them closer to their angels, for each month of this calendar. These are the colours that we change on a regular basis, such as clothes.


You Don’t Need Money!

If your problems involve cash flow, don’t ask for money directly as angels don’t use it and rarely understand our need for it! Just visualise the way your life would be, and the things you’d do if you had plenty of cash, and then leave the ‘how’ up to your angels. Picture everything very clearly. For instance, if your dream is a new home, see it all, the front door, the garden, the furniture, curtains, everything, even down to the colour each room is painted. Make it real enough, and your angel will make it so.


Resolve to do better

Try to shut all negativity out of your life. Remember that we all can create our own reality. If we constantly think bad things and talk about bad things, then bad things are what will grow and materialise. If you find this difficult, then stop reading newspapers, stop watching the news. Both these mediums magnify bad news so that people will watch their particular station of buy their particular paper over other choices. It’s business. If people tell you that by not watching or reading you’re not being realistic, just tell them, the more people concentrate on this stuff, the more it will happen. The more they discuss it the more they will manifest it. Say you don’t want to be responsible for that, and ask it they do. You never know, you might be their angel that day. This is a very good resolution to make.


Change the world for one person

Lots of people will try and put you down by saying one person cannot change the world. Resolve to tell them that you’re changing the world one person at a time. One person may not be able to change the world, but they can change the world for one person. Resolve to do good deeds without payment of favours and in doing so you’ll change that person’s world, and as a natural side-effect you'll bring angels close to you. If everyone who believes did this every day, then before long, the whole world could be changed.



Make plans to create an outdoor sanctuary where you can go to connect to your angels. Creating something like this means that when you enter it you also enter the right mind-set, which is half the battle! This can be anything from a beautiful summer-house, to a humble bench under a tree. The important thing is to create the right ambience for angelic energy and connection to it, so use things you’ve made yourself if possible. It’s not too difficult to make a mosaic from old tiles, perhaps covering the top of an old coffee table. If you then seal it with bathroom grout the whole thing will be weather-proof. This will not only be something beautiful with your energy all over it, but will be useful for standing candles, crystals and angel statues on.


Sitting Down

Of course when you talk to angels, in the house or in your sanctuary, it will help you relax if you can sit comfortably. You can help with this by buying a cheap little stool and then padding the seat and covering it with some sumptuous material, which can be bought from the scrap basket of a fabric store. Choose a good spiritual colour such as pink or purple. You can add to this is you wish by painting the legs with a pretty colour and adding stars, moons and hearts.


Waking Up

This the right time for waking up spiritually, just as nature is also leaping into new life. With this in mind try this really deep meditation. Imagine you’re standing in front of a beautiful lake. The water is shining turquoise in the sunshine, the birds are singing, and the reeds are rustling in a soft breeze. Feel the warmth of the sun on your body as you stand beneath a pristine blue sky. Relax, and then relax some more. Ask you angels to bring you fully to life. So many times we feel like we’re sleep-walking through a waking dream, and so we don’t live in the moment. Tell your angel that you want to start enjoying every second and life and stop waiting for a good thing to happen. Walk forward into the water. Feel its silky coolness ripples around your ankles. The water isn’t cold, just refreshing. Walk forward some more and the water will rise up your body until you’re chest deep. Out in the water ahead of you a beautiful angel rises up, and as she sinks again she invites you to join her beneath the surface. With no fear you lift your feet from the pebbly bottom and lower your head into the water. The water doesn’t go up your nose and you’re able to open your eyes under there. You gently float back up and break surface, and your mind has been cleared of all illusion. You can now see things clearly and understand that good things, in the shape of beauty, are around you every second of the day, wherever you are.

More Ways To Connect with Angels